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About ECF Choices in Friendsville, TN

For individuals with physical and developmental disabilities, there are few things as valuable as empowerment. The right family care is part of that, ensuring that they can live comfortably with the support they need to stay safe and healthy. But fulfillment through work is even harder to find for many of these people -- despite the fact that they have valuable skills and perspectives to contribute. 

At Duncan Personal Services, we want to change that with ECF Choices in Friendsville, TN. Short for Employment Community First, this program works with local employment services and community businesses to help our clients find the right match for their aspirations and skills. From discovering abilities that are compatible with today’s market to preparing for the challenges of the workplace, we focus on putting peoples’ futures and finances in their own hands.

Why ECF? 

It’s not our help that makes our clients great employees. We believe that each one already has value to add to organizations thorough the community if given the chance. Our role is simply helping them get that chance.

We can help businesses alter roles and responsibilities to make positions accessible, as well as advise clients on maintaining an independent and sustainable lifestyle. Plus, our in-home services ensure that they have the right support on and off the clock. Get in touch today to learn more about ECF Choices.